Kultur & Teilhabe

The Stuttgart based artist Thabilé was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa. More precisely: In a township called Dlamini. “I live in Germany today, but I'm happy to have grown up in South Africa. These roots are extremely important to me,” she says. You can also hear that in her music, which is repeatedly interspersed with African rhythms and vocal lines. “My songs not only represent myself, but the entire African continent. Everyone with African roots who listens to my songs should recognize themselves in them.“
Thabilé found her way to music through her mother, who has traveled all over the world as part of a choir. It’s her mother who, with a lot love, encouraged Thabilé very early at the age of 8 to sing in the school choir and later in the church choir.
The love that Thabilé has for singing and her music can be heard in every aspect on her 12 track album "Read My Lips“. There is a musical range that allows genres such as Soul, Afro, Gospel, Pop, Jazz and R’n’B to flow into one another. There are musical arrangements from the highly talented producer Steve Bimamisa, which are extremely captivating in their orchestrated clarity, without being intrusive. There is Thabilé's vocal presence, which, with its diversity and perfection, is almost intimidating if it doesn't exude this embracing warmth at the same time. And finally, there is the depth and meaningfulness that Thabilé gives to her songs like "Read My Lips", "The Promised Land", "At Home", "The Garden Has Died" and "Melanin Vibes“.